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Crystal Montas

Portfolio Development Instructor

Illustration Instructor

Crystal Montas is a designer and illustrator living in the Boston Area. As a designer, she takes on the challenge of analyzing architectural drawings from the perspective of a client to make drawings graphically easy to read and analyze. 


As an illustrator she takes a similar approach in striving to translate the concepts and intentions of her illustrations from her mind onto paper. Her inspirations for her art center around her interests, including: plants, birds and various animals, video games, animated shows and movies, as well as fairytales. She seeks to take inspiration from both art and design so that her sources of inspiration stay varied.


Crystal has a Master’s Degree in Architecture from Wentworth Institute of Technology, and is on the journey of becoming a licensed architect. She has been a part of the refuge team since 2019.  


Crystal is a former student of Nikki Giraffo from Central Catholic High School ’12.

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