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What's going on at RAS? Scroll to see a history of our art shows, community outreach projects, feild trips, and other cool stuff! 


Refuge Art School participates in Lowell's  Winterfest 2024 and 3rd Youth Mural Compeptition and wins 3rd place!

Click in the link to see the awesome results, this year's theme was "My Lowell"

Refuge Art School Students Participates in the 3rd Annual Winterfest Youth Mural Competition and Wins 3rd Place!

Feb, 2024

Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 4.30.34 PM.jpeg

Refuge hosted a a ceramics Valentine's Day workshop. 

Watch some of the lovely pieces students made!

Refuge Art School's Hosts a Valentine's Day Ceramics Workshop!

Feb, 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-09 3.41.54 PM.png

Refuge Art School started spring '24 semester. watch some cool reels of the first classes! 

Refuge Art School successfully starts Spring '24 Semester!

Jan, 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-09 3.33.09 PM.png

Refuge Art School Collaborated with artist Skribbles to host a live painting night with community canvases!

It was a blast and the community had lots of fun! We love to see art uniting our community. 

Refuge Art School Students Live Paint at Lowell City Hall!

Jan, 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-09 3.29.29 PM.png

We are super grateful with the community of Western Avenue Studios for making this open house and library memorial opening happen!

Special thanks to the Silk family for showing up, Jim Silk will always be remembered and loved by our community!

Refuge Art School Hosts an Open House and opens Jim Silk Memorial Library

Jan, 2024

Screenshot 2024-02-09 2.42.40 PM.png

Refuge hosted a due art show! With two of our alumni's pieces of artwork being showcased we hope to make this a thing for students in the future!

"Less Peaceful" - Mar & Dar Duo Art Show at Brew'd Awakening Coffeehaus

Jan, 2024


Once again we are thankful for the support shown during these exciting times! 

The City of Lowell hasn't failed to make us feel seen and valued as a community. Thank you for supporting arts as a civil right!

Refuge Art School Receives 33k Grant from the City of Lowell

Oct, 2023

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.24.00 PM.png

After a great summer Refuge Art School finally kicked off Fall semester.

Check out our Instagram for more content of how it's going!

Fall 2024 Classes Begin!

Sep, 2023

Screenshot 2023-11-21 at 12.21.01 PM.png

Our dear student Daryan Kong got to show her amazing piece from our spring semester at Brew'd Awakening Coffee Hous!

So proud of her talent and where she has come.

Refuge Art School Alumni Hangs Artwork at Brew'd Awakening Coffee Hous

Sep, 2023

View recent photos.jpeg

We were super excited to start running classes on our new space! 

Middle School art camp was so full of magic and joy thanks to our amazing instructors.

Summer 2024 Art Camp Begin!

Aug, 2023

Screen Shot 2023-09-08 at 12.22.04 PM.png

We hope everyone had a great time during our 10th Year Anniversary Fundraiser! 

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who stepped up to get dunked tanked for a good cause!

Refuge Art School Hosted 10th Anniversary Fundraiser Event at Western Avenue Studios

Aug, 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.52.29 PM.png

Thanks to the Silk family! They have helped us close our fundraiser by matching us with the Theodore Edison Park Foundation. 

We are forever grateful for the consistent support from our comminty!

WA Community Member Susan Silk Helped Refuge Meet our Match with The Theodore Edison Parker Foundation

Aug, 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.47.06 PM.png

Making this window mural for our Folk Festival was such a blast! 

We are thankful for these opportunities that keep our students skills in practice!.

Refuge Art School Alumni Make Mural for 2023 Lowell Folk Festival

July, 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.41_edited.jpg

Feeling appreciated and grateful for the city of Lowell!

This funding will help support our youth's community's art education and that is simply AWESOME!

Refuge Art School Receives 30k Grant from The City of Lowell

July, 2023


We're so excited to wrap up this cosmic mural with the Stoklosa Middle School! 

This took us only about a month and we might come back in 2024 for more!

Refuge Art School Interns X Stoklosa Middle School Students Mural

June, 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.19.07 PM.png

Take a look at some of the Featured art work from this semester!


We are so proud of our talented students and their themes surrounding Contemporary Art!

Refuge Art School x MCC Students Final Presentations 

Apr, 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.26.07 PM.png

We had a blast today at the Camberville Asianfest!

Our students were tabling and some art was being sold!. Highly recommend to catch urban_khmer_ballet !!

Refuge Art School in 2023 Cambridge Sommerville Fest

May, 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-11 3.13_edited.jpg

We had such a blast during this mural competition! 

We are happy our students came through to support Refuge and show their talent!

Refuge Wins 1st Place in the 2023 Winterfest Mural Competition

Feb, 2023

Screenshot 2023-09-11 2.44_edited.jpg

We hope everyone had an incredible time at WAS open studios and our winter art show and fundraiser!

Student and instructor work was displayed and two live art raffle sessions were held. 

Refuge intern Sophia Mirabal for Mayor of the Day!

Dec, 2022


We hope everyone had an incredible time at WAS open studios and our winter art show and fundraiser!

Student and instructor work was displayed and two live art raffle sessions were held. 

2022 Winter Art Show & Fundraiser

Dec, 2022


Our 'Night Before Halloween" bash was a blast! 

Students, staff, and guests came with thier best costumes and enjoyed snacks, contests, and a game of manhunt at WAS.

Halloween Party 2022

Oct, 2022


our MCC portfolio students had the great opportunity to travel to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and see the exclusive Obama Portraits painted by Amy Sherald and Kehinde Wiley.

MFA Obama Portraits MCC Trip

Oct, 2022


Our summer 22' Mural Crew' latest work.. found at the Bike Connector, Lowell MA. 

We are thrilled with the outcome, and even more thrilled to highlight the Connector's cool mission: making transportation accessible to everyone. 

Lowell Bike Connector Mural

July, 2022

LGBTQ lending library.jpg

Our awesom Refuge team, including students Navaeh and Nophea, as well as Alumni Daryan and Maritza, worked to paint the first LGTBQ inspired multicultural lending library in Lowell! Thank you to Sate Rep. Vanna Howard and Howard Amidon for their support and trust in our team to help make this vision come to life.

Painting 1st LGBTQ+ Inspired Lending Library

June, 2022

isabella gardineur field trip refuge.jpg

Check out another fun field trip from out Watercolor class, headed by instructor Ashley Eisenman! 


This time students the Isabella Gardner Museum in Cambridge MA, a great oppurtunity to see some beautiful art in a beautiful museum on such a beautiful day 

Field Trip to Isabella Gardner Museum

May, 2022

AAPI event.jpg

It was great seeing students and alumni representing Refuge and their personal artwork at the AAPI event in Cambridge this May! 

A beautiful day to celebrate the lives, and traditions of people across Asian and the Pacific Islands. Proud of our artists!

AAPI Event in Cambridge, MA

May, 2022

spring show.jpg

Another successful Art Exhibition to wrap up our eventful Spring semester! 

We love the work that has come out of this semester and cannot wait to see what comes out of our summer courses! 

Spring Art Show Exhibition

May, 2022

The mural competition at Winterfest was a very exciting and inspiring event! The refuge mural crew killed it with their painting skills, strong composition, and their positive collaborative work with one another.

We are proud of their collective voice and ability to acknowle the current state of the world.are rockstars!

Mural Competition at Winterfest

Feb, 2022

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Six lucky students from our Watercolor class got the chance to take a Surrealistic Painting class with instructor Dahlia Raz! 

Field Trip to Boston With Dahlia Raz

Jan, 2022

Watch our administrative assistant and studio manager Chummeng Soun make his work and voice heard in the community!

He talks about the importance of recording our experiences and cultural traditions of our ancestors, BIPOC representation, and more. 

Refuge Admin Chummeng Soun on Vital Voices

Dec, 2021


Students showcased their hard work from the recent semester in this year's Holiday Art Show. Guests were free to observe and purchase these creations, and roam about Western Ave Studios. 

The same art, merch, and prints prints are available on the Refuge website. 

Refuge Holiday Art Show

Dec, 2021

lowell sun logo (blue background).png

Our collaboration with Women Working Wonders Fund was mentioned in the Lowell Sun!

Check it out HERE !!

Refuge Lowell & WWW featured in Lowell Sun

Oct, 2021


We celebrated the profound representations of Latinx culture  by the talented David Zayas and Evaristo Angurria as well as the collaborations made with Beyond Walls of Lynn, Project Learn, and ArtUp Lowell. 

Go check out these beautiful murals on Market Street in downtown Lowell. 

The Mural Project Celebration

Sept, 2021


As the weather gets colder, Refuge Fall Classes are back in full swing! 

Students are hard at work: creating, learning, and having fun! We are SO excited to see what the new semester has in store. 

Fall 2021 Classes Begin!

Sept, 2021


An art show was held, showcasing student work and featuring films created by those in our Intro To Short-Form Filmmaking class, taught by Henry Marte. This program was supported in-part by the Lowell Cultural Council.

Check out ALL the films on our YouTube channel HERE!

Aug, 2021

Refuge's 1st Film Premiere!

theodore edson parker foundation logo (75).jpg

Awarded 25k from Parker Foundation

Aug, 2021

women working wonders fund logo.png

The Women Working Wonders (WWW) Fund support local programs that empower women and girls to effect positive change in the community. 

Refuge is one of their 2021 grant reciepients, rewarded $10,000 for Girls and Young Women Creating Community Through Public Art

Watch our "thank you" video HERE !!

Awarded 10k From WWW Fund

Aug, 2021

artup lowell logo.jpg

Refuge Lowell has worked with Project Learn of Lowell and Beyond Wall of Lynn on the instillaion of Lowell Murals. A project like this will increase awareness of Lowell’s cultural vitality and build community among residents. 

Project LEARN Logo Red.png

July - Aug 2021

The Mural Project


MassArt Boston alumni Momo Schafer from Netflix's Blown Away series stopped by Refuge to offer her energy and wisdom. Her talks gave our students a greater understanding of what it means to be an artist during a pandemic, how to approach our practice in the world and how to create with authenticity and confidence.

Momo Schafer Visits Refuge

Feb, 2021


With support from Lowell Cultural Council, Refuge students worked to construct a mural titled Elevating Cultural Identity, which can currently be found in its permanent location at Mill No. 5 in Lowell.​ It began as a 2 week summer mural program for middle school artists back in 2019. The theme was: How do you envision your cultural identity as a Lowell artist?

Mural Instillation at Mill No. 5

Nov, 2020

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 6.21.35 PM.png

MASSART, Lesley, UMass Lowell, and SMSA provide portfolio reviews to Refuge Students. Bring sketchbooks, bring confidence, bring questions!

College Portfolio Reviews

Oct - Nov, 2019


The talented Tory Wesnofske captured a bit of our "Build Something" course that we ran this summer and it ended up being featured in an edition of the Cultural Connection on LTC!  


Many thanks to the Mass Cultural Council for making this a reality!

"Build Something!" Airs on Local T.V.

March, 2018

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.23.34 PM.png

Summer 2017 Build Something! trailer is now live! 

Summer 2017 "Build Something!" Trailer

Oct, 2017

lowell sun logo (blue background).png

Refuge Lowell is Featured in Lowell Sun

June, 2017

The Mural crew has done it again! The Historic Mural at Western Avenue is up! Footage of the mural and it's development can be found below:

Lowell Sun In-Progress Video

Historical Mural at Western Ave.

Dec, 2016


An awesome recycled material art installation the crew here at Refuge Lowell installed for the 2016 Mill City Grows Harvest Festival at the North Common Park. It is a bottle wall, a sun dial, and a pleasure to behold!

North Common Sundial & Bottle Wall Project

Oct, 2016

Refuge Lowell First Ever Mural Video

Aug, 2016

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.23.04 PM.png

Introducing... "Build Something!"


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