"Refuge has helped me grow as an artist and a person through therapeutic class nights, workshops focusing on certain techniques or using new media, and by taking many risks."  - Amy, 18


" Refuge has taught me to healthily pursue my art career. I've benefitted so much from being at Refuge, it's hard to imagine where I would be without having spent time there."  -Tina, 20


"Refuge has helped me be more creative both in my art and in my life. It has made me realize part of my artistic Style. It has also greatly improved my art skills. After trying many art classes, Refuge was the one that suited me and encouraged me to continue art, especially drawing, and to build my skills."  -Reina, 16

"Refuge gave me a place to express myself without feeling judged, but instead pushed me to be myself more freely. I wouldn't be half the artist I am today without NikKi." -Kat, 17

"Refuge helped me not only become a better artist technically in my work, but

helped me become more confident in my own style and who I am as a person and creator." - Emily, 19

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122 Western Avenue Studios  Studio A110  Lowell MA 01851 . 978-973-4314 . refugelowell@gmail.com . www.refugelowell.com