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Senior Portfolios

College Portfolio Services


In the Fall, we offer portfolio documentation sessions so students can professionally photograph their portfolio. This is a critical step for college bound art students. We ensure each student's visual voice is represented genuinely through chosen work, then polished to shine for their top choice college admission advisors. At the begining of the semester, students are encouraged to make a list of their top schools along with the earliest admission deadlines so Refuge can best asist in prepping and documenting art portfolios that are one of a kind.


The fall is also a time for portfolio reviews with a range of College Representatives from Mass Art, SCAD, Lesley, MECA, SAIC, Monserrat etc. These free evening events are incredibly beneficial for students who are looking for feedback on their work, learning about new schools, and the unique aesthetics that colleges seek in portfolio submissions. We cannot recommend this experience enough!

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