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John Haiduk

Community Events Coordinator/ Data Tracking Manager

John Haiduk, better known as 'skribble.s', is an active figure in the Lowell art community and has been a resident at the Western Avenue lofts for almost 3 years. Merging his background in Mechanical Engineering with his passion for abstract art, John's interests stand at the intersection of technological innovation and creative expressionism.


In addition to his artistic pursuits, John has spent the last several months working with Refuge Art School, assisting with Operations and Public Art. John not only showcases his unique style publicly as a live painter but also actively works with local artists and business owners by hosting art events. Organizing speed painting competitions and public art collaborations are currently John’s favorite methods of engaging his community.


John's art journey began with black and white pen drawings, gradually evolving to include vibrant colors and rich textures. Always seeking improvement, John’s aim is to leave a memorable mark on his community.

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