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Emily Watson


Emily Watson is a co- instructor for the Watercolor: Controlled Chaos taught by Ashley Eisenman at Refuge Lowell. She graduated from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2020 with a BFA in painting.


Emily works as a 2D artist in her free time, focusing mostly on sketchbook illustration or large scale abstract/surreal dreamscapes. Her work contains concepts of piecing together memories of childhood into adulthood with a big focus on the themes of loss and time.


Working with a variety of media including paint, marker, crayons, and more; she wants her work to be fun to look at and make while also being able to convey difficult subjects and personal stories. To Emily, art is a way of expressing something words cannot. 

Emily is a former student of Nikki Giraffo and has also helped teach the Refuge: Urban Sketching class alongside Courtney Wilson. She currently resides in Lowell, MA and continues to create art from her home as well as the Refuge classroom alongside the students and Refuge community.

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