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Courtney Wilson

Portfolio Instructor

Marketing & Communications

Courtney Wilson, a recent graduate of Endicott College earning BFA with a concentration in Art Therapy and a minor in Graphic Design, works as an instructor at Refuge Lowell. As a working artist and designer, Courtney is constantly drawn to creative solutions and ways to reimagine. 


Courtney is a mixed media contemporary artist inspired by the high impressionistic style and the illusion of light reflected on surface. She enjoys the juxtaposition of abstraction vs. realism in art and explores the different boundaries it can offer. In fine arts, she specializes in painting, charcoal, and graphite. Courtney is drawn to different material usage because each can provide a different element to the surface and collaborate to a finished product. 


Courtney is a former student of Nikki Giraffo's from Central Catholic High School '12. Courtney and Nikki have been working together at Refuge since '15.

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