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Refuge Lowell provides a safe, equitable space for local students to explore their talents and develop as artists through nurturing, mentorship, and rigorous arts instruction. Refuge began in 2014 as a literal “refuge” for youth artists seeking space, guidance, and direction. We have grown to offer a unique combination of art classes designed to further student development of critical thinking skills, creative self-expression, and social-emotional learning.

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Small class sizes, constructive feedback, individualized instruction, internships with local artists, community public art collaborations, and intensive mentorship from practicing and teaching artists set us apart from other art education settings.


Artistic connection and a passion for community engagement carve a home in the hearts of our students and teachers.

Value Proposition for Classes 3 Hour long classes Project & Material Fees included Access
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""Refuge has helped me grow as an artist and a person through therapeutic class nights, workshops focusing on certain techniques or using new media, and by taking many risks."."

- Amy, 18

"" Refuge has taught me to healthily pursue my art career. I've benefitted so much from being at Refuge, it's hard to imagine where I would be without having spent time there."

-Tina, 20

"Refuge helped me not only become a better artist technically in my work, but helped me become more confident in my own style and who I am as a person and creator." 

- Emily, 19

"Refuge changed me because I never knew how successful I could be till I started making art­­­.For me art opened so many doors to other opportunities in my life. Now I look at everything as a form of art, even life In general." 

- Destany, 17 

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